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This directory contains MIBS for the CMU SNMP Library, Version 1.10
and above.

MIB instructions for earlier versions are available in the
subdirectory 'for-pre-cmu-snmp-1.10-parser'. 


Starting with CMU SNMP v1.10, the parser handles SMIv2 (and many
SMIv1) mibs directly out of the RFC.  This directory contains a script
that I use to build the MIBfile for our SNMP apps that are using the
v1.10+ library. 

As you will see when reading it, all it does is cat together the MIBs
from numerous RFCs.  I've included those MIBs in a subdirectory here
as well.

We also use a lot of Cisco MIBs.  Their v2 (and some v1) MIBs work
without any modifications.   Their MIBs are available from their ftp site:



MIBs for CMU projects are located in the cmu/ directory.

The file "mib.gz" is the MIB that we are using with our 1.10+ SNMP
library as of June 1, 1998.

Ryan Troll
Network Development
Carnegie Mellon University
June 2, 1998