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[DIR] Parent Directory 31-Dec-2002 14:55 - [   ] auis1.tar.gz 30-Aug-1994 11:42 2.2M [   ] auis2.tar.gz 26-Aug-1994 12:57 2.0M [   ] auis3.tar.gz 26-Aug-1994 13:05 1.8M [   ] auis4.tar.gz 26-Aug-1994 13:18 1.1M [   ] contrib.tar.gz 25-Aug-1994 11:17 1.8M [   ] doc.tar.gz 25-Aug-1994 11:30 927k


Andrew User Interface System - Version 6.3.1 - August 1994

Andrew is a compound document environment offering a word processor, 
mail/bulletin board reader/writer, drawing editor, spreadsheet, font 
editor, application builder, and many other facilities.

This directory holds the following files: 

	README		this file
	dist-6.3.1/		the source distribution divided into small sections,
				tar'd and gzip'd as described below

The sum output for the contents of the dist-6.3.1/ directory: 

    17912  2267 auis1.tar.gz
    62561  2011 auis2.tar.gz
    05768  1852 auis3.tar.gz
    65039  1148 auis4.tar.gz
    17931  1797 contrib.tar.gz
    51923   927 doc.tar.gz

The following commands to csh will extract the sources from the enclosed
	%> foreach i (auis1 auis2 auis3 auis4 contrib doc)
	? gunzip < $i.tar.gz | tar -xvf - 
	? end

The source distribution is divided into sections.  The following chart
lists the section name, contents and sizes of each gzip'd tar file and
gunzip'd tar file in Mbytes.  The extracted tar directory size will be
about the same size as the gunzip'd file.  

	auis1 - top level, config, overhead, ossupport, 
		    inst, helpindex, doc, xmkfontd, doc/mkbrowse
			2.31MB / 11.11MB 
	auis2 - atk core programs
			2.05MB / 8.95MB 
	auis3 - atk applications and insets
			1.90MB / 9.09MB 
	auis4 - ams, atkams
			1.17MB / 5.11MB 
	contrib - contributed and unsupported code
			1.84MB / 8.62MB 
	doc - documentation and selected papers
		 	 .95MB / 2.34MB 

The README in the top level of the sources provides instructions 
for building the system.  

By default, a system build does not compile or install the contrib and
doc sections.  If you want these sections built and installed, see
Section 1.2.4 in the README for instructions on defining which parts of
Andrew to build.

You can send suggestions and comments to the consortium's mailing list:

(An ASCII form of messages from this list is mirrored to newsgroup 

Send bug reports to:

For more information about Andrew and the Andrew Consortium, please contact:

	Wilfred J. Hansen, Director
	Andrew Consortium
	School of Computer Science
	Carnegie Mellon University
	5000 Forbes Avenue.
	Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
	(412) 268-6710