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			Andrew User Interface System

                              FOR ANDREW7.5

    Andrew Consortium
    School of Computer Science
    Carnegie Mellon University
    5000 Forbes Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891

This directory contains the binary distribution packages for the Andrew
User Interface System--Andrew7.5--the first public release of Andrew
objects  in C++.  Andrew is a compound document architecture for Unix
and X Windows: documents may contain typographical styles and embedded
objects.  As applications, Andrew offers a word processor, program
editor, web browser, drawing editor, spreadsheet, mail/bboard
reader/writer/manager, and numerous other tools.  With the Andrew
Toolkit, users can construct new embeddable objects and entire new

The following files and subdirectories are in this directory:

    README       This file 
    COPYRITE    Copyright for Andrew7.5
    FAQ                Frequently Asked Questions
    Intro                An introduction to Andrew

    rs_aix325           IBM RS/6000 (AIX 3.2.5)
    pa1.1-hpux90        Hewlett-Packard 720 (HPUX 9.0)
    pmax_ultrix43       DECstation 3100 PMAX (Ultrix  4.3)
    sparc_sunos413      SUN Sparcstation  (SunOS 4.1.3)
    sparc_sunos54       SUN Sparcstation (Solaris 2.4)
    ix86_linux          Intel x86 (Linux: Redhat & Slackware)

In most cases, the distribution will also operate with later and
sometimes earlier versions of the respective operating system.

The distribution is divided into packages so it is not necessary to
install everything at once, but you must first always download the
word processing package for the system to work. Packages in the
distribution are:

    w - word processing
    h - help program, help files, and source code editing support
    i - ADEW, figure, image, ness, raster, table
    m - MIME-compatible mail interface
    d - documentation and help files
    a - everything not included in the packagaes above

The sub-directory for each system has a README file describing
Andrew7.5 and an INSTALL file with detailed installation instructions.  

Improvements from Andrew7.4

Andrew7.5 features bug fixes and improved packaging over Andrew7.4.


The help system and the most common used insets and applications are now
split up into separate tar files.  (auis75*h* and auis75*i*.)  This
allows more useful subsets of AUIS to be installed.  For example, by
installing from just the wp and help files you can examine the
documentation and learn how to use the system.  (This combination also
gives you special modes for editing C, C++, and several other
programming languages.)  If you want to use images, tables, or extend
your environment with ness functions the inset package can be installed
with wp or with wp and any of the other packages.  To use the AUIS mail
program Messages you must install the word processing, insets and mail
packages.  If you just want to run batmail or cui you can install just
the word processing and mail packages.

Standard Directory

Further, the binaries are now compiled to recognize a standard
installation directory of /usr/local/andrew.  If AUIS is installed in
this directory only the user's path needs to be changed in order to run
AUIS applications.  If AUIS is installed elsewhere special (but simple)
steps will need to be taken to run AUIS applications.

Bug Fixes

A number bug fixes including coredumps in image display, font editing,
and menu manipulation.

Improvements from Andrew 6.3

The previous public release of Andrew was 6.3, in source and binaries. 
Since that time, Andrew has been converted to C++ and numerous
improvements and additions have been made.  Here are some of the

o Thousands of bug fixes.

o ATK.  All Andrew objects are now derived from class ATK.  In
consequence, object types can be tested and their code can be loaded

o htmltext.  Replaces the former htmltext object with a somewhat more
general package.  (Later versions will be more complete.) 

o ez2html.  Program converts ez text files to HTML format.  Can be used
as part of a server to serve the web from Andrew files.

o urlbutton, mkurlbutton.  Support for putting web addresses into
documents.  In Andrew they appear as buttons, but they convert into
hyperlinks in HTML.

o New direct-to-PostScript printing.  Print formatting is far faster,
the resulting files are smaller, and there is no longer a dependence on
troff or psdit.  The old troff code is still in the system to support
existing files.

o Color manager.  Several strategies have been implemented to make
images appear in the most accurate colors possible.  The color manager
is shared among all Andrew applications so optimatization takes place
across all Andrew windows.  To restart the color manager at any time,
simply invoke the command `acolorman'.

o Recursive search.  The recsearch package provides for searching -ALL-
strings, whether in the text or in objects embedded in the text.  This
package is not the default, but can be activated by adding these two
lines to your ~/.atkinit file:
    addmenu recsearch-begin "Search/Spell,RecSearch~62" im
    addmenu recsearch-resume "Search/Spell,Continue~64" im

o srctext.  Many improvements have been made to the modes for editing
files in particular programming languages.  New support has been added
for idl, perl, rexx, and scribe.

o gofig.  An object/editor for displaying diagrams of psitions in the
game of go.

o batmail.   An interface to the Andrew messages format from within GNU emacs.

o bison.  The new features introduced in Andrew Bison over the last few
years have now been incorporated into the version available from the
Free Software Foundation.  For the time being, Bison is still being
distributed as part of Andrew.

o mkparserclass.  Converts bison output for use by the `parser' object. 
Applications can have multiple simultaneous parses, with each
represented by a separate object instance.

o recover - Part of support for unknown insets.  If you edit a file that
has been created using insets not available at your site, the `unknown'
inset is substituted for them.  If the file is saved in this state, the
insets are replaced with instances of the `unknown' inset.  The original
file can often be reconstituted by processing it through the `recover'

o runbutton.  If a runbutton object is clicked on, it can initiate a
script.  Security is provided by allowing the user to control which
directories scripts are executed from.  Scripts can be binary code or
Ness scripts.

o aaction/avalue.  These objects provide a type-safe mechanism for
calling arbitrary functions.

o flex.  The flex, mflex, and oflex classes support declaration of
flexible arrays of characters, structs, or objects, respectively.  The
array may grow as bounded solely by memory limits.

Facilities no longer supported, but have been converted and remain in
the source code:
    vui - ASCII mail interface (use batmail instead)
    calc - a toy calculator
    chump champ chimp chomp - datebook application 

    lexan - ('parser' now uses a different interface)
    popts - (replaced in new printing system)
    preview - (use ghostscript instead)

    type, chtest - (these were for objects coded in C)
    cregister - (part of old genstatl)
    profile - (unportable code profiler)
    rle - (incomplete image format processor)

Components of the Andrew System

The following components are available in Andrew6.3 and later versions. 
Some respond to frequently requested applications in X, such as: 

    word processor --> ez
    drawing editor --> figure
    mail and news reader --> messages
    font editor --> bdffont
    documentation browser --> help
    directory browser --> bush
    program source editor --> ez
    html editor --> ez

 Andrew applications (graphic and interactive)

    bdffont - font editor (for fonts in bdf format)
    bush - directory browser
    console - shell interface / terminal replacement
    ez - word processor and program editor
    help - documentation browser  (includes all AUIS help files)
    launch - provides a menu of AUIS applications
    messages - mail and news reader, manager, and composer (batmail
        - emacs interface to messages)
    pipescript - viewer useful as stdout
    prefed - preferences editor
    sendmessage - application for sending a message or news posting
    typescript - shell interface (terminal substitute)

Graphical, interactive editors that are both applications and insets

    eq - equation inset
    fad - animation editor
    figure - drawing editor
    ness - extension and string processing language
    org - display and edit hierarchies
    page - allow flipping between pages
    raster - editor for monochrome bitmapped images
    table - table / spreadsheet inset
    text - text, document, and program editor (the heart of ez and
        other applications)

Commonly used non-interactive Andrew applications

    datacat - concatenate ATK files
    ezprint - print an ATK document
    nessrun - runs a Ness script (the extension and string
        processing language)
    recover - deal with unknown insets

File format converters

    from ATK to: RTF, ASCII, PostScript, troff, HTML
    to ATK from: ppm, Scribe, RTF, troff, X window dump
    convertraster - various raster formats

Embeddable insets not usually used as applications

    clock - analog clock
    eq - equations
    gofig - board diagrams for the game of go
    header - specify document headers and footers
    image - display images from many formats: jpeg, gif, tiff, ...
    link - hypertext-like link
    month - display calendar for a month
    note - annotation
    text - the text object itself
    timeoday - digital clock
    writestamp - time file was written

Editing tools

    compchar - keyboard input of characters for European languages
    compile - support compilation and error review
    complete - filename completion for typescript
    dired - directory browser
    dsearch - dynamic search
    ezdiff - compare two ASCII files
    filter - process a region of a document through a shell command
    isearch - incremental search
    lookz - style table editor
    recsearch - search through both text and text in embedded objects
    spell - spelling correction (uses ispell)

Source text editing tools

    for assembler, C++, C, Lisp, man pages, Modula, Modula-3, Pascal,
    IDL, perl, Rexx, Scribe

Tools for constructing insets and applications

    arb - ADEW application builder interface
    bison - GNU parser generator (enhanced)
    createcon - ADEW tool to generate C code for interface
    createinset - create a prototypical inset under a new name
    genmake - Makefile generator
    genstatl - generate statically loadable application
    gentlex - lexical analyzer generator
    mkparserclass - object to encapsulate a bison parser
    runadew - runtime for ADEW application builder
    sym - symbol table object
    whichdo - find an inset on the CLASSPATH

Additional insets available for building applications

    button, display text string, entry of labeled text string, four
    position switch, multiple buttons, multiple sliders, multiple string
    entry, on/off switch, slider, slider controlling array of strings,
    text list, thumb knob

Copyrights for this file and the entire Andrew User Interface System:

    Copyright Carnegie Mellon University 1991, 1996 - All Rights Reserved
    Copyright IBM Corporation 1988, 1991 - All Rights Reserved
    Additional copyright information can be found in
    config/COPYRITE.bls, config/COPYRITE.att, and config/COPYRITE.img in
    both the source and destination areas. This product includes
    software developed by the
    University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

$Disclaimer:  $


    Andrew Consortium
    School of Computer Science
    Carnegie Mellon University
    5000 Forbes Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891

Phone:		(412) 268-6710
Fax:			(412) 268-5571
Demo:		finger
File archives: pub/AUIS/

    info, orders
    bug reports

    The `info-andrew' newsgroup is in Andrew formatting;
    submissions to it are echoed in ASCII to the
    internet newsgroup `comp.soft-sys.andrew'.
    Submissions for both can be sent to
    To subscribe to the Andrew format version send email to