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The PAPERS directory holds articles written about the

		Andrew User Interface System.  

There are three sub-directories in the archive. Two sub-directories,
 /atk and /ps, contain the same set of articles on Andrew,
 in two different formats.  Papers in the /atk subdirectory are
in Andrew format and can be read using Andrew's multimedia editor "ez".
Papers in the /ps subdirectory are made available in PostScript form
for ready printing. A third sub-directory containing papers written
about the Andrew system is called /conf. It holds papers presented
at various Andrew Technical Conferences since 1992.

Articles are held in files with the name of their author and the date.
Please see the BIBLIOGRAPHY file for a selected list of publications
from 1984  to 1995. 

Most of the articles listed in the BIBLIOGRAPHY can be obtained via
anonymous ftp at pub/AUIS/ in the "PAPERS"
directory or via the Andrew web homepage at

Hard copies are also available for a fee from:

  	The Andrew Consortium 
	School of Computer Science
  	Carnegie Mellon University
  	5000 Forbes Avenue
  	Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
  	tel: (412) 268-6710
  	fax: (412)268-5571

Readers are also encouraged to submit additional entries by sending mail
to this address.

Additional documentation on the Andrew system is provided in
$ANDREWDIR/doc when the Andrew files are installed on your machine.  The
sources appear throughout the distribution in .doc, .help, and .d files.

For instance, see: