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VERSION 6.3 FTP ARCHIVE, December 1996

AUIS or "Andrew" is a compound document environment offering
 a word processor, mail/bulletin board reader/writer, drawing editor,
spreadsheet, font editor, application builder, and many other facilities.

You are now in the Andrew User Interface System ftp archive.

Top-level files and directories in upper case denote general information
while files and directories in lower case denote source code and other
technical information. You will often find documents provided in three
formats: ascii (plain text), ez (Andrew text) or ps (PostScript).

This directory holds Andrew6.3 (written in C) source code and other related files as outlined below.


	FACTS - information about Andrew and Andrew Consortium 
	README - general instructions
	FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Andrew
  	NEWSLETTERS - Andrew View newsletter archive
  	ORDERFORM - services from the Andrew Consortium
  	ANNOUNCE - information notices 
	CONFERENCE - Andrew Technical Conference news
  	PAPERS - publications 
	ia-archive - archive of postings on info-andrew newsgroup 
 	web - .html files for web access


  	auis-6.3, auis-6.3.1, src
  		- latest publicly released Andrew sources, in ASCII
  	dist-6.3, dist-6.3.1
  		- compressed tar files of the Andrew source
  		- official and contributed patches to 6.3
 		- a patch to 5.1 to prevent problems from 6.3 files 
		- sources for Andrew Bison and two parsers
  	misc, util
 		- compressed tar files of useful tools

(The README in the top level of the sources provides instructions
for building the system.  By default, a system build does not
compile or install the contrib and doc sections.  If you want these
sections built and installed, see Section 1.2.4  in the README
for instructions on defining what parts of Andrew to build.)

 		- binary distributions for
			Linux, Sun, Pmax, IBM RS/6000, HP

Please send suggestions and comments to our mailing list:

An ASCII version of the messages from this list is mirrored to
the Internet newsgroup:

Send subscription requests, specificying ASCII (plain text)
or Andrew (multimedia) formatting to:

Send bug reports to:

For information about the Andrew Consortium please contact:

	Wilfred J. Hansen, Director
  	Andrew Consortium
  	School of Computer Science
  	Carnegie Mellon University
  	5000 Forbes Avenue
 	Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
  	tel: 412 268 6710