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Last Revised:  June, 1994

Guidelines for accessing anonymous FTP areas provided by
Computing Services at Carnegie Mellon University:

	- Computing Services provides the disk space and other resources
	  of the anonymous FTP service, but does not manage individual
	  ftp areas.  Questions, comments, or trouble reports about the 
	  service, or reports of suspected violations of copyright or license
	  restrictions,  may be directed via electronic mail to 
	  Questions, comments or trouble reports about contents of individual
	  FTP directories should be sent to the person responsible for that
	  Check the README file in the directory concerned for the contact
	  information for that directory.

	- Files in this area are provided  "as is" and without any
	  express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the
	  implied warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a particular

	- Computing Services reserves the right to inspect the contents of 
	  the  FTP areas.
	  Computing Services also reserves the right to remove files or
	  directories that conflict with the usage guidelines for computing
	  resources at Carnegie Mellon.

	- No licensed, copyrighted, or other proprietary files are to loaded
 	  to the FTP area unless permission has been granted and
	  arrangements have been made by the person responsible for a
	  particular anonymous FTP area.  Access should be set so that
	  uploaded materials are not available for download.

	- To conserve space, files may be "compressed". 
	  Compressed files will have a ".Z" appended to their name 
	  (i.e. datafile.Z).  In order to retrieve this file, you must use
	  "binary" mode, and have access to a Unix-compatible 
	  uncompress utility. Files may also be compressed to a
	  ".gz" extension, which indicates compression with GNU Zip.
	  GNU Zip is avaliable from

	- Each directory should contain an information file  called
	  "README" that describes the contents of the directory.